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This week on The Alternative, with Terry LeGrand, I chatted with Terry about whether a gay person necessarily needs to choose a gay therapist.  We got a good discussion going.  Terry, like many gay men, said off the top of his head that he’d prefer a gay man to be his therapist (if he ever sees a therapist) – but I made a pretty good case that times are changing, and if I, and other gay therapists, are going to continue to see straight patients, maybe gay people should give straight – gay-supportive – therapists a try.  It might make the world a better place – who knows?

Here’s the link to hear the show.  My segment starts about 2 minutes in.

Here’s the link to Terry’s website.

As usual, you’d be crazy not to stick around and hear the whole show.  Terry interviews author Christopher Rice, followed by the legendary and very wacky comedians, Bruce Vilanch and Rip Taylor.  The confetti flies! 

Here’s the link if you’d like to hear more shows from Terry’s archive.

I look forward to our Memorial Day show, when I’ll be discussing the Armed Services’ despicable “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy – not from a political or civil rights perspective, but as a cruel and potentially damaging attack on the psychological well-being of American servicemembers.


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