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talking-headsThe People’s Therapist has joined the bloviating classes…I’ve now appeared as a talking head on a real live (sort of) television talk show – HuffPost Live.

Anyway – here’s the link.

The segment seemed to go well, although I had the unnerving if not atypical sensation of being the hot-headed radical spouting fire at a garden party.  Hélas, c’est mon destin.  At least my hair looked good.  At least, I think it did.

This time around, blessedly, the other panelists weren’t biglaw partners, law professors and authors of books with titles like “You can be super-duper happy as a lawyer if you just smile a lot!”  Been there, done that.

For a rather gloomier view of the current nightmare that is biglaw, click here.

It must be admitted, it is fun to be on tv and get to talk.


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