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scared_bugs_bunny_by_yetioner-d6asv54Bet you didn’t even realize you were such a nervous wreck!

Thank goodness, here, in the nick of time, is a podcast I recorded with Stephanie Francis Ward, of the ABA Journal, all about lawyers and anxiety. So everything’s going to be okay!

Here’s a link to the podcast – it’s been given the amusing and quirkily unexpected title, “What can Lawyers do to Manage and Conquer Anxiety” and runs for about half an hour of scintillating online entertainment. And it might calm you down.

photo_20My thanks to the lovely and talented Stephanie Francis Ward, and the ABA Journal, and her producer, Larry Colletti, for their help with this project.  For more information on Stephanie and her journalism, click here.


Please check out The People’s Therapist’s legendary best-seller about the sad state of the legal profession: Way Worse Than Being a Dentist: The Lawyer’s Quest for Meaning



And now there’s a new Sequel: Still Way Worse Than Being a Dentist: (The Sequel)


My first book is an unusual (and useful) introduction to the concepts underlying psychotherapy:Life is a Brief Opportunity for Joy





I’ve also written a comic novel about a psychotherapist who falls

in love with a blue alien from outer space. I guarantee pure reading pleasure: Bad Therapist: A Romance


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