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indiana-signLike most Americans, I revere that seminal genius of the blues, Robert Johnson. And like most Americans, at some point in my life I understand it’s time to go down to the crossroads, fall down on my knees and ask the good Lord for mercy.

In my case, however, that process has mutated into something more along the lines of attending a professional development day event at a law school.  But make no mistake – I’m going down to the crossroads. By which, of course, I mean Indiana, Crossroads of America.

valparaiso-logoThe event I am attending is scheduled to take place at Indiana’s finest law school – Valparaiso University School of Law – and I’ll be participating on a panel at the plenary session. I’m not sure what all that means, but I’ll be there and I’ll be talkin’ and I’ll be feelin’ mighty plenary about it and that can only be a good thing.

If you happen to be going down to the crossroads yourself on Friday, October 16th, then for heaven’s sake high tail it down to Valparaiso and join me.  The event is titled “Professionalism Series – The Happy Lawyer.”  Everyone knows you could hardly hold a celebration of professionalism – or lawyer happiness – without The People’s Therapist, could you?  I don’t think so.  So that’s where I’ll be.

robert_johnson2My thanks to Julia Bochnowski, Associate Director of Career Planning at Valpo Law (that’s what we Valparaiso insiders call it) for inviting me to participate.  I look forward to a lively and informative event.  See you guys on 10/16…at the crossroads.


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